Episode 29: Reproductive Rights in Indiana – What Happened?

In our second episode examining human rights in Indiana, Colleen and Janice discuss the events in the Indiana Statehouse and Supreme Court following the U.S. Supreme Court decision to overrule Roe v. Wade.  State senator, J.D. Ford, provides context and detail to help us understand how Indiana became the first state to ban abortion after the fall of Roe v. Wade.
 ***TRIGGER WARNING – This episode references sexual assault and may not be suitable for sensitive listeners.***
 J.D. Ford – In 2018, the voters of Indiana Senate District 29 elected J.D. Ford to the Indiana Senate   Since then, he was elected as Minority Caucus Chair and appointed to serve as ranking member on a number of important committees, including Education, Veterans Affairs and Family and Children Services.
 Senator Ford is the first, and so far only, openly LGBT+ member of the Indiana General Assembly. As one of the youngest members of the Indiana Senate, he is proud to represent Hoosier Millenials.

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