Do you think Indiana is a flyover state in the middle of the U.S. that's only good for corn and basketball? Are you wrong or are you (even just a little bit) right? Find out by listening to Colleen Brennan and Janice V. Rodriguez, stand-up comedians who were born and raised in Indiana, and their special guests, as they discuss the stereotypes, jokes, and myths about Indiana. Listen to every episode as we try our best to defend the Hoosier state.

Episode 23: Bourbon, It's Not Just From Kentucky Any More

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We're excited to welcome bourbon aficionado, Indiana bourbon advocate, and founder of the Instagram account @IndianaBourbon, Dirk Fentz, as our guest on episode 23 to talk about the booming Indiana-distilled bourbon market.

In this episode, you'll learn about all things Indiana bourbon, which host used to crush Boone's Farm, and which Indiana bourbons you should put in your bar today (and how to get them!).

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